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Pandemic Stress

The pandemic has effected everyone as we learn to function in this new world of social distancing, online communications and other limitations. The unavoidable financial, emotional, mental and physical stress on our systems must be recognized.

How does Stress Affect our Health?

•Low Blood Sugar

•Chronic Fatigue

•Weakened muscles, tendons and ligaments


•Depression, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, poor memory

•Chronic pain and inflammation

•Easy bruising and poor wound healing

Immune dysfunction

•Reduced liver detoxification capacity

•Hormone disorders (thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, infertility, menopause, insulin resistance)

•Mid-line obesity (belly fat)

•Poor digestion, leaky gut, gastric ulcers

•And the list goes on…………

Managing 3 of the 4 lifestyle factors are your key to staying healthy since we cannot manage the stress itself right now. In next weeks blog, we will look more in depth at sleep.

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