Mary PreFontaie Heime
Mary Heim RPh FAAFM

Mary has over 10 years of sterile compounding experience in the nuclear field followed by 12 years of non-sterile compounding experience specializing in hormone restoration therapy. She has completed an advanced fellowship in anti-aging and functional medicine with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine cumulating in board certification as a Health Practitioner. Mary believes strongly in utilizing the triad of physician, pharmacist and patient to determine an individual course of therapy best suited to the patient's symptoms and concerns. 

Mary PreFontaie Heime
Phillip Heim RPh

Phil graduated from Purdue University College of Pharmacy in 1995. Phil brings a wealth of management expertise combined with 20 years of sterile compounding experience in the nuclear field at fortune 25 corporations including Mallinckrodt, GE Healthcare and Cardinal Health. He has recently completed training in non-sterile compounding through LP3 network. He brings a passion for men's health and wishes to specialize in pain therapy in the future. In addition, Phil is an offensive position coach with the local Comstock Park varsity football staff.

Kristin is a licensed pharmacy technician that has dedicated 7 years of her life to the healthcare field. She has worked in various settings including histology, pharmacy and blood banks. She has found her passion in laboratory work of all kinds, but compounding has proven to be her favorite. Her experience in pharmacy consists of working in long-term care and compounding pharmacies. Kristin enjoys helping making a difference in the lives of others every day. Outside of work she loves playing video games and spending time with family and her dog.

Kristin Driscoll CPhT
Lab Manager 
Mary PreFontaie Heime
Paige Vasquez CPhT
Customer Service Manager 

Paige is a licensed pharmacy technician with 4 years experience in compounding pharmacy. She grew up in the pharmacy world helping at her uncle's pharmacy during high school and college. She loves working directly with patients to assist with all their needs and concerns. Her husband coaches both the girl's JV basketball team and girl's Varsity Lacrosse team at Lowell High school. They welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their family in 2017. Paige and her family belong to Zion Reformed Church in Grandville and enjoy vacation/family time at their cabin in Cadillac. 

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Claire Johnson CPhT

Claire is licensed pharmacy technician with 6 years experience in retail and hospital settings. She enjoys working directly with patients and assisting them with any issues or concerns. She is passionate about her job and enjoys working in this setting and it shows! Outside of work, she loves to do anything outside and loves spending time with her family.

H. Malone headshot.jpeg
Holly Malone CPhT

Holly has been a licensed pharmacy technician for 6 years in the healthcare industry. Her career has spanned a broad range of positions in retail pharmacy, long-term care pharmacy, and hospital settings prior to compounding. The mathematical and inventive aspects of compounding pharmacy appeal to Holly, as well as the creativity.  Creativity is a daily factor in her home life since she enjoys spending her free time on the various arts, ranging from sewing and crochet, to singing and teaching herself the violin

Beryl Bartkus, RPh

Beryl received her degree in pharmacy from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy.  During her 30+ year career in pharmacy she has always puts the needs of the patients first.  Her love of compounding developed out of her desire to make a difference for those who were not finding solutions with traditional medications.  She has worked exclusively in the field of compounding since 2005.  When Beryl isn't working in the pharmacy she is running her own company, Ability Weavers, where she provides meaningful employment for people of all abilities. Check out their website at

ability weavers .png

Suzi received her  pharmacy degree from Ferris State University and has practiced over 41 years as a retail pharmacist. This includes 20 years co-owning her own pharmacy, and 5 years of compounding pharmacy experience.  She holds certifications in Immunization Delivery, Medication Therapy Management, and Point-of-Care Testing. Suzi believes the patient is best served by understanding the medications they are using and she enjoys working with patients toward that goal to ensure the best outcome.

Suzi Anthony RPh
cassie headshot
Cassie Ziolkowski CPhT

Cassie is a licensed pharmacy technician with 2 years experience in a retail pharmacy. She currently studies pre-pharmacy at Grand Valley State University. Her plan is to go to Virginia Commonwealth Pharmacy School to become a pharmacist. Outside of school and work she enjoys hiking, traveling and spending quality time with her friends and family. 

felicia headshot
Felicia Foster CPhT

Felicia is a certified licensed pharmacy technician with over 10 years of experience in a retail pharmacy. Within her time in a retail pharmacy she became lead technician and is immunization certified. She loves being able to positively impact patients. Outside of work, Felicia keeps herself busy with her three children, husband and dog Luisa.  

Amanda Palmer CPhT
Amanda Palmer.jpg