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Sometimes pets have difficulty taking medications, due to numerous reasons. Pets have a good memory and if they remember that their medicine tastes bad, it will continuously be difficult to give medicine to them later on. 
Compounded medication may offer a solution for your hard-to-medicate pets. 

Options include:

  • adding a tasty flavor

  • changing the medication form into a soft chewable or flavored suspension

  • changing a bitter liquid into a capsule that can be hidden in a treat

  • a cream that can be absorbed through the inner ear*

  • a tacky gel applied to a cat's paw (cats will lick the medicine while grooming)​​

With the options we can provide, you may find some benefits; for example, an easier way to medicate your pet and remove some variables so that your pets are able to consistently take their medications as prescribed. 

                                                                                                     *certain medications only

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