Occasionally a pet has difficulty taking his or her medication, which can sometimes be bad-tasting or difficult to give. Once a pet has had a bad experience in taking medication, it may be even more difficult to give the medication again.
Compounded medication may offer a solution for your hard-to-medicate pets. 

Options include:

  • adding a tasty flavor that your pet may like

  • changing the medication from a tablet or capsule into a soft chewable or flavored suspension

  • changing a bitter liquid into a capsule that can be hidden in a treat

  • some medications can be placed in a cream absorbed through the inner ear

  • ear medication base which can be applied as liquid but will become a tacky gel staying put in ear

  • medication in a tacky gel applied to a cat's paw-cats will lick up the medication in grooming

With these options you may find it easier to medicate your pet, which may make medication time more pleasant for you and your pet. We are committed to ensuring our patients not only receive the medication they need, but continue to take them as prescribed.