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  • Mary PreFontaine Heim RPh FAAFM

LP3 Network Training

At Rivertown Compounding Pharmacy we strive to achieve the most in-depth and complete training in compounding pharmacy. I have been working in a high volume compounding pharmacy for 12 years and Phil has been compounding sterile radiopharmaceuticals for over 20 years. Yet, we both desire to learn the newest concepts and techniques to bring to Rivertown Compounding Pharmacy. The only way to accomplish this would be exposure to different methods and ideas. We traveled to Miami, Floria in July to attend Non-Sterile Training: The Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding through the LP3 Network. Combining an in-depth 24 hour at home study course with a 3 day live event, LP3 Network covered 6 aspects of hazardous and non-hazardous compounding: business, quality, science, preparatory procedures, pharmaceutical calculations and the actual preparation of dosage forms. We both came away excited to apply our new knowledge and techniques at Rivertown Compounding Pharmacy.

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