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  • Paige Vasquez CPhT

Hormone Symptom Series Part 1

Is Your Body Trying to Tell You Something?

Hot flashes! They can come out of nowhere making your body feel like it is on fire. As women start to experience hot flashes they scramble to find solutions. Understanding the mechanism behind hot flashes can add in that search. Hot flashes are caused by a hormonal imbalance. The hormone estrogen regulates body temperature. Fluctuating levels of estrogen can be a major cause of hot flashes. Check with your provider or call us to see how we can help you get back to the “old you”!

*Interesting tip of the day*

Hot flash triggers:

  • Excessive stress

  • Caffeine

  • Alcohol

  • Spicy food

  • Tight clothes

  • Heat

  • Cigarette smoke

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