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  • Paige Vasquez CPhT

Hormone Symptoms: Sugar Cravings

Why is it that every time we want something salty or sweet we are considered to just have a craving we should control? Could it be more than that? Could it be our body is trying to tell us something?

For some women the sugar cravings come at specific times during your monthly cycle. On days 16-23 of the cycle your progesterone surges, causing insulin resistance. That means the glucose that you get from foods like carbohydrates, which should give your cells instant energy, is blocked from entering those cells. The cells therefore feel “starved” leading to the craving of sugar, even though there is plenty outside the cells. Understanding what your body is experiencing and the expected duration may help you rally the will power to resist those cravings.

For those women who are past the point of monthly cycles and are still getting the sugar cravings, it may be caused by low progesterone, as well as, low estrogen levels. It may also be caused by deficiency of magnesium and calcium. Both micronutrients are needed to help regulate glucose and insulin levels in the body.

Check with your doctor today or call Rivertown Compounding Pharmacy to see how we can help stop those unwanted sugar cravings!

Tips for saying NO to the sugar craving:

  • Drink a glass of water when you have the sugar craving

  • Avoid stressful situations

  • Get enough sleep (give your body time to “reset” every night)

  • Make sure your body is getting the proper nutrients it needs

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