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  • Paige Vasquez CPhT

Women's Health Week

Schedule Time for YOU--recommended screening/preventive care

As women we tend to put the needs of other before ourselves. “Women’s Health Week” can be a great reminder to us that our health/needs are just as important! If we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves then how can we take care of others. Preventive care and recommended screening are so

important. It is the best way to stay on top of our health to make sure everything is functioning properly. It can be so easy to just live in the day to day and not think about the annual check ups that we need. Don’t wait until you start to see symptoms to make an appointment.

Preventive care/screening check list: • Pelvic exam • Pap smear • Hormone changes • Breast health • Cancer screenings • Vaccinations

Get Moving For some women when we think of the word “exercise” it is a daunting task that we will get to later, but for others it is a way to relax and feel regenerated. It is critical for our overall health to “get moving”! That doesn’t mean that we need start boot camp style workout every day. It is recommended to exercise 20-30 minutes a day. This can improve energy levels, improve mood, promote better sleep and combat health

conditions/diseases. On average it takes 21 days to form a habit. Just remember to not beat your self up about it, any type of exercise if better than nothing! The key is discovering an activity you will enjoy.

Exercise ideas:

• Walking • Running • Yoga • Swimming • Weights • Simple workout routine

Prioritize Mental Health

As women we can feel that we are pulled in every direction, whether it’s our family, friends, work, the "To Do" list etc. Every one of these things can burn us out not just physically but mentally! Good mental health can be broken into several categories.

*Social Connection. this doesn’t mean staying up to date with social media. Having face to face conversations with people is most beneficial to our mental health. Take the time to meet up with friends or family members.

*Managing the Stress: Its easier said than done when someone tells you not to stress out! Does anyone have a stress-free life? It is always okay to ask for help. Talking about the situation with another person can really help.

*Brain-healthy diet: the food we eat can help or hider us mentally. That is why it is important to have a healthy balanced diet. Foods like nuts, fresh fruit, leafy greens, and avocados can boost our mood.

*Quality Sleep: You may think its okay to cut back on the hours of sleep you get because you have a busy life. But when it comes to your mental health, getting enough sleep is a necessity! Skipping even a few hours here and there can take a toll on your mood, energy, mental sharpness and ability to handle stress.

*Meaning and Purpose: It can be hard sometimes defining our meaning and purpose. Just remember how much you matter to all the people in your life!

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