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Open for Curbside and Shipping!

In an effort to protect our employees and patients, our pharmacy will begin offering curbside pickup ONLY when visiting our store, effectively immediately. (*FREE Shipping through USPS Always Available!*).

While our physical store is closed to the public, we are still filling your prescriptions! To best utilize this service, please ☎️CALL AHEAD☎️ to let the pharmacy staff know what you need and pay over the phone with a credit card. To minimize our person-to-person contact, we will be processing payments securely, over the phone. If you are unable to pay with a card, please let the staff know. We can collect checks or cash from your vehicle and then place your order in your vehicle all without direct interaction. Like everything else during this crisis, we will figure it out as we go, with your help.

We recognize not all of our customers have access to our website, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, but please help us get the word out so every person knows they are still able to receive their medications. As a small business, we appreciate your patience and support at this time. Stay Healthy. Phillip and Mary Heim, RPhs

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