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  • Amanda Palmer CPhT

Topi-Click: Accurate, Easy to Use, Reliable

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Receiving the proper dose of medication is critical. With compounded topical or trans-dermal preparations, finding a device to consistently deliver the correct dose can be challenging. This is especially true when dealing with bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT) therapy. Hormone medications can be very potent at low doses, and it is important to dispense them accurately. Topi-click applicators have been verified through a peer-reviewed study to have over 98% dose accuracy, giving them 10-25% more accurate dosing than other popular topical/trans-dermal devices. Every lot of Topi-click devices comes with a certificate of conformity to guarantee the product and give pharmacies, prescribers, and patients peace of mind. Topi-click dispensers are made with BPA free material which contain an UV block to protect the medication for light. A clear refill indicator shows when both 32 clicks and 12 clicks are left in the device. Rivertown Compounding Pharmacy is proud to dispense our transdermal and topical medications in this state of the art device.

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