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  • Mary Heim RPh FAAFM

Vaginal Delivery

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

A recent article in The American Journal of Internal Medicine confirms our decision to only use state of the art delivery systems for our compounded products.

From the abstract: "The vaginal route of administration has a large surface area with a rich blood supply demonstrating capacity for local absorption and systemic bio-availability of drugs. However, there are problems associated with current vaginal delivery method in terms of dosing precision and accuracy. In this report, the potential utility of the metered-dose Topi-CLICK® Perl™ system for vaginal delivery of feminine medication is presented. The aim was to evaluate the efficiency of Topi-CLICK® Perl™ for dosing accuracy, precision, and residual waste of medications relative to currently available dispensing systems. The results showed Topi-CLICK® Perl™ system to have the highest accuracy for a dose being correctly delivered more than 88% of the time. Whereas other commonly used dispenser systems, such as plastic or metal (aluminum) ointment tubes with smooth or ribbed applicators, exhibited not more than 10% of doses being within acceptable limits for accuracy. Medication waste was significantly minimized using Topi-CLICK® Perl™, which has an estimated overfill volume less than 6%. This required overfill volume ranged from 39% to 88% respectively, for the plastic and metal ointment tubes. Qualitatively, operators of TopiCLICK® Perl™ found the metered-dose system the easiest to use with little mess. Based on these results, Topi-CLICK® Perl™ outperformed other traditional dispensing systems for vaginal drug delivery in accuracy and precision, with the least amount of residual medication waste."

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