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National Women's Health and Fitness Day

It’s a special day to promote the importance of health awareness and fitness for all women. Though healthy living is important for both men and women, this day acknowledges that each gender has specific needs when it comes to health. Hormone deficiencies and imbalances can affect the health of women.

Cycling women may experience symptoms of estrogen dominance/hormone imbalance.

  1. heavy, clotty, irregular menses

  2. insomnia

  3. cyclic or constant mood issues including irritability, anxiety, mood swings or depression.

  4. weight gain

  5. dry hair or hair thinning

Menopausal or Post Menopausal women may experience symptoms of hormone imbalance and/or hormone deficiency.

  1. vasomotor or hot flashes

  2. vaginal dryness or pain

  3. bladder symptoms including increased frequency, urgency, incontinence or UTIs

  4. brain fog

  5. low libido

  6. thin/dry skin

  7. bone loss

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